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Stormin Glacier's Ghost Girl

Tara was born on the 1st of June 2003, she came home with us when she was 13 weeks old and i'd found an advert in a shop window, I'd been bugging my parents for weeks for a puppy.

As a puppy she was very playful and had a bad habit of pulling bobbles from my hair, and half the time she used to be pulling my hair instead of just the bobble.

She used to be scared of loud noises like motorbikes, car doors slamming, kids screaming, town centres and fireworks, whilst she's still bothered by fireworks the others don't bother her anymore, whether she's going deaf or just couldn't care less, I don't have a clue. 

In 2006 we decided to have a litter from her, we looked around for a stud and finalised on Blueboy. 

On the Friday 7th April 2006 she had a litter of 10, 4 boys and 6 girls.

Over the year's I've captured Tara pulling some funny faces here's a few of them.

There's been only once when we've had to rush Tara to the vets and that was when she had a bad reaction to what we think was mosquito bites.

Pictures below are just of Tara over the years, which I will add to from time to time.

Go to the blog for recent pictures.