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Sasha was born in September 2008, on the 2nd, her dam was a black and white staffy and her sire was a red and white british bulldog. She is a great all round dog to me only thing she's not good with is strangers, she currently lives with us which is fab as its great having 3 dogs in the house again, she can have her moments like jumping on the sofa or trying to get tara to play with her when tara can't be bothered, and she loves nicking my niece's toys and chewing them.

This is the first time the dogs really met, couldn't of gone better Sasha was accepted pretty much straight away, they did have there moments, but now it's like she didn't just appear when she was she was 2 it's like she was always here. 

This is a video of the litter of pups that Sasha had New Years eve 2010. She had 7 the sire was a British Bulldog.