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More chicks

Posted on November 28, 2009 at 12:21 PM

We had 5 chicks hatch out on the 16th Nov which are a silkie which is looking white that has surprised me as the parents are black or partridge so it's gonna be a complete opposite, the others are a one from a green egg the mother being a welsummer x cream legbar and the roo being a red cockerel which looks abit like a rhode island red cross, the other chicks came from hybird chicken eggs and will just to red is hen and white if roo's.

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Reply Paula
8:30 AM on August 28, 2010 
do you introduce other breeds on purpose? I am essentially starting out. I have cuckoo marans and silkies (I just sold my two welsummers). I also have but am not sure what to do with my welsummer/silkie crosses. Is there a market for crosses? They are adorable. I don't know if they will lay like a silkie or welsummer. My focus is silkies though I am hopin the marans will be better layers as the silkies spend so much time being broody.
Reply storminstaffs
1:33 PM on August 28, 2010 
Hi I just have a mixed flock, mostly being mutts (hybrids) for being good egg layers, we only use silkies as broodies as there not the best for layers they only average 100 eggs per year, whereas the others lay over 300 + per year, I do have other purebreds aswell which are 2 araucanas, 1 leghorn, production reds if they can be classed as purebrededs, our cockerel looks like a welsummer but is a cross, so anything we hatch out will be crosses, we keep all pullets and rehome cockerels or dispatch if needed - its really just a hobby and we're not breeding with a view to sell as we only hatch out when we want replacement stock.