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New multimammate mice

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I picked up 4 females yesterday


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My chicks are now coming upto 4 weeks old Mallory my cream legbar hen is nearly completed covered in feathered, I bought a cockerel to go with her, he's 3 weeks old and called Caleb. The chocolate orpington's are slowly feathering out, I lost the runty one - the others are doing great though.

They look different to the pictures which are a week old, need to get some new one's which havent been taken on my mobile as i have plenty on there but quality is bad.

I have 3 new silkies thanks to my great uncle 

One of the partridge one's is broody so I bought 6 fertile eggs from Durham Hens, I got 3 barnevelders and 3 buff orpington's

and here's my happy broody

see what I mean my bad mobile pix?

and just a random pic of tara and caleb

On a sad note my sister pair of mice have both died within a few weeks of each other, goodbye Freya and Alaska.

Bliss turned one

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My mouse bliss turned one on the 24th till havent got round to a photoshot of her as she's a bit of a biter.