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At the allotment...

On my allotment I have 7 ducks, 6 chickens and 4 ferrets this page is just going to be pictures of the all. 

Ducks * Elsa - Indian runner duck, lighter beak
        * Ana - Indian runner duck, dark beak
        * Olaf - Indian runner drake
        * Winter - Aylesbury duck
        * Harper - Cayuga mix? duck - black with white chest
        * Flynn - Cayuga mix? drake - black with a little white on neck
        * Luna - Grey cross-breed duck - Grey 

Chickens * Lily - Light sussex 
           * Rosa - ISA Brown - battery style hen
           * Phoenix - Black rock
           * Sapphire - Cream legbar, large comb, darker coloured
           * Casey - Cream legbar 
           * Jacey - Cream legbar
            On the 26th April 2015 which is my birthday I got 3 chicks, a barnevelder which I named Barney and had to change to Marnie since it's a hen, a Silkie who doesn't have a name other than Silkie so far and a Goldtop which is a Light sussex x Silkie which I called Goldie. 

Ferrets * Twinkle - the mother she's the smallest, she's a silver 
          * Stormie - The hob he's an albino, the father
          * Halo - Sable coloured, daughter (rest in peace, died at 8 months)
          * Zena - Sable coloured, daughter, can only tell the sisters apart as                 Zena has a bigger lighter patch the the back of her head.

Update: 6th September 2016

Only have my 3 ferrets and 3 of my hens now on the allotment, the hen's will probably be my last once they've gone unless I change my mind. 

The hens I still have are Sapphire my cream leg bar, Goldie the goldtop and Marnie the Barnevelder.